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Learn how to truly develop into an inclusive leader and foster diversity within your team and/or organization.

Effectively lead your team and/or organization and earn the loyalty and admiration of your followers. 

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Effectively measure and radiate data on your agile processes, teams, and products.

Use data to answer important business questions and make decisions.

Strategy & Operations

Social Impact



Identify, measure, predict,  mitigate, visually monitor organizational, portfoilio & project risks in beautiful intuitive dashboards.

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6 reviews on
Stan Luo
Stan Luo
January 1, 2022
Ibrahim was a experienced and passionate insturctor. I gained much help from him.
December 23, 2021
I have had a session of coaching with Ibrahim. He was very insightful and has provided me with many useful pieces of advice. Thanks a lot for this session which was very useful for me ! 🙂
Meghan Janzen
Meghan Janzen
September 28, 2021
Ibrahim helped me prepare for my upcoming BCG case interviews. He gave me advice on how to present myself, structure my thoughts and gave me a mock interview so I could get an impression for what the real-life situation would be like. I benefited a lot from having him steer me in the right direction for my preparation.
Sydney Koo
Sydney Koo
September 14, 2021
Ibrahim was amazing in his ability to offer me feedback that was specific to me. It allowed me to identify the exact places that I need to work on to reach my professional goals
Issaq Gass
Issaq Gass
September 5, 2021
FPSX was a great training program. I had the pleasure of working with Ibrahim Raheem. He went through the material in depth and helped to work on skills to problem solve throughout different case studies. He was patient, kind, and explained the material in a very digestible manner. It is really a great training program that helps explain very complex topics in a simplified approach. Will be coming back to his program in the future and would highly recommend it to all those seeking good quality training or development.
Xiangyang Liu
Xiangyang Liu
September 4, 2021
It was a great pleasure to work with Ibrahim. His coaching approach is incredible insightful and holistic. Highly recommended.

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