For those seeking to take their careers to extraordinary heights:


Are you a:

Dedicated business professional burning the midnight oil studying for your professional exams on top of solidly executing your work?

IT professional staying on top of your IT certifications and delivering quality and timely services consistently?

Relentless consultant keeping up with latest industry trends and keeping your clients and leadership happy?

College or graduate student seeking to enter the workforce in a leadership development program at a top company?

Professional seeking to enter into a top tier technology or consulting company?

Yet does it Still Feels Like Something is Missing?


Are you A:

Struggling professional in fear of losing his/her job and/or clients and seeking a transformation?

Maverick in your organization and seeking a network of highly motivated professionals?

Top former loosing his/her mojo and seeking intervention before things fall apart?

Wanderer working a job "just to pay the bills" and seeking to enter into your dream career?

Searcher on the job market and tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

If any of these apply to you, do not miss out on this opportunity to get up to speed on key problem solving and communication skills. With the acceleration of automation and robotics, and now artificial intelligence AI, the key skills which will remain in high demand are increasingly more focused on creativity and soft skills with the ability to think critically and structure problems effectively. How one solves problems and communicates is one of the core dimensions of what will separate the leaders in the future. Allow us the honor of helping you become an exceptional leader with FPSX frameworks and paradigm shifts. Differentiate yourself from the competition, ace your interviews and/or grow your businesses with confidence and poise.

We'll Teach You How To:

Communicate with power, precision, and captivate your audience

Negotiate like a Fortune 500 business development executive

Structure problems, and systematically prove or disprove assumptions

Effectively manage your work and lead teams

Increase work efficiency, quality, and speed

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of helping dozens of  satisfied clients in achieving their goals. My background in leading teams in Big 4 consulting projects, coupled with the results my coaching clients have received, led me to offer this service. Additionally, there is a large shortage of supply of those who can creatively and strategically break down complex problems, solve them using hypothesis driven analysis, and communicate ideas with gravitas and humility. I seek to narrow that gap and give you a competitive edge.

Do not leave your future to chance!

A small investment of focused effort and your commitment will fast track your development, and teach you how to communicate your value and negotiate your salary. We seek to put you on track to gain jobs in management and leadership paying on average over $100,000. You communicate your value and negotiate your pay!
This Training Will Help You To:

Compared To:


CPA Pay increases: 5% yearly and up to 15% annually

After studying for 2 years for some, or on average 300-400 hours.

Total cost  assuming passing each exam on the first attempt with no rescheduling fees ~ $3,400


CFA Level I 16% Pay increase (~300 Hours of studying) 

CFA Level II 28% Pay increase (~600 Hours of studying)

CFA Level III 53% Pay increase (~900 Hours of studying)

Total cost $2,550 assuming passing each exam on the first attempt with no rescheduling fees.


MBA 22% pay increase

Total cost of MBA is on average $100,000 + The Opportunity Cost of Lost Salary


6 reviews on
Stan Luo
Stan Luo
January 1, 2022
Ibrahim was a experienced and passionate insturctor. I gained much help from him.
December 23, 2021
I have had a session of coaching with Ibrahim. He was very insightful and has provided me with many useful pieces of advice. Thanks a lot for this session which was very useful for me ! 🙂
Meghan Janzen
Meghan Janzen
September 28, 2021
Ibrahim helped me prepare for my upcoming BCG case interviews. He gave me advice on how to present myself, structure my thoughts and gave me a mock interview so I could get an impression for what the real-life situation would be like. I benefited a lot from having him steer me in the right direction for my preparation.
Sydney Koo
Sydney Koo
September 14, 2021
Ibrahim was amazing in his ability to offer me feedback that was specific to me. It allowed me to identify the exact places that I need to work on to reach my professional goals
Issaq Gass
Issaq Gass
September 5, 2021
FPSX was a great training program. I had the pleasure of working with Ibrahim Raheem. He went through the material in depth and helped to work on skills to problem solve throughout different case studies. He was patient, kind, and explained the material in a very digestible manner. It is really a great training program that helps explain very complex topics in a simplified approach. Will be coming back to his program in the future and would highly recommend it to all those seeking good quality training or development.
Xiangyang Liu
Xiangyang Liu
September 4, 2021
It was a great pleasure to work with Ibrahim. His coaching approach is incredible insightful and holistic. Highly recommended.


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